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Cows have been providing products for us for millennia, and are more useful to us than any other farm animal. We encounter cow products every day, whether that’s eating a beef burger, putting milk in our tea or wearing a leather jacket.

Widespread across the globe, cow species

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Packing A Punch
There was always a need to arm the Humvee to provide fire support and defence, but the variety of weapons it can carry is astonishing. Starting with a choice of general-purpose machine guns, most weapons can be fired manually or fitted to the remot
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Book Reviews
■ Author: Jan Van Der Veken ■ Publisher: Prestel Publishing ■ Price: £15.99 / $19.95 ■ Release: 4 March Belgian author Jan Van Der Veken is both a pilot and an award-winning newspaper and magazine illustrator, who has put his two passions together to
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Discover Deserts
Deserts cover one-fifth of Earth’s surface and are fascinating places. Take the Namib Desert in southern Africa. Considered the world’s oldest desert, it has been arid for 55 million years. The Namib reaches the sea along the barren Skeleton Coast, w