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How are cows impacting the environment?

Waste in waterways

s well as the gas produced, cow manure impacts greatly on the environment. Often used as fertiliser, it can be carried with rainfall into rivers and lakes. High in phosphorus and nitrogen, the manure can turn the

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How It Works2 min de lecture
Scientists are continuously looking for alternative fuel sources to decarbonise the Earth. As the climate crisis grows ever more prevalent, the need to find fossil fuel alternatives has never been greater. Green hydrogen is a renewable fuel resource
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What Is An MRNA Vaccine?
There is no coronavirus in the new vaccines. Instead they contain tiny fragments of genetic code called mRNA. These fragments give the body the instructions to make the virus’ spike protein. The immune system learns to make antibodies that stick spec
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How The Coronavirus Vaccine Works
The immune system is more than capable of suppressing the coronavirus, but first it needs some training. When the virus enters the body, the first thing the immune system needs to do is work out what it is. To do this it sends in foot soldiers, calle