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VR surgery

What inspired you to take surgery training into the VR world?

We saw what VR was starting to suggest it could do five years ago and decided to look into it. There are

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How It Works1 min de lectureNature
Arctic Methane Could Be Unlocked By The Moon
The Moon could be affecting how much methane is released from the Arctic Ocean seafloor. The tides, controlled by the Moon, affect how much methane is released from seafloor sediments. Low tides mean less pressure and more methane released, while hig
How It Works2 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Scientists Spot The Farthest Galaxy In The Universe
Astronomers have peered out into the vast expanse and spotted what they think is the farthest – and oldest – galaxy ever observed. GN-z11 appears to be the most distant and oldest galaxy ever detected. Astronomers led by Nobunari Kashikawa, a profess
How It Works2 min de lecture
Director For Type-26 Frigates
How will the Type 26 and Type 31 frigates fit into the current Royal Navy fleet? The larger Type 26 is an advanced antisubmarine warfare warship designed to support the UK’s other vessels. As well as protecting us from submarines, the Type 26 will s