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James Horton

Former HIW member James is a biochemist and biotechnologist. He is currently doing a PhD in machine learning and evolutionary theory.

Jo Stass

Writer and editor Jo is particularly interested

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How It Works2 min de lecture
‘Rivers Of Gold’ Rush Through The Amazon
The Peruvian Amazon glitters like gold in a gorgeous new photo taken aboard the International Space Station. While that glow is just sunlight reflecting off hundreds of pits of muddy water, there is plenty of gold in the hills. Each glistening pool i
How It Works2 min de lecture
Uncovering History
Before digging, archaeologists record data about the area. Using tools called dumpy levels, they measure the height of the land in relation to a fixed point. Using electromagnetic radiation, ground-penetrating radars can detect artefacts up to 15 met
How It Works1 min de lectureBiology
Can Bacteria Survive In Space?
If life on Earth was seeded from other worlds in the form of bacteria, these microorganisms would need to survive in space for significant periods of time. In May 2015, an experiment was launched by researchers from the University of Tokyo and the Ja