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STUDENT POLL: “How do you calm the chaos in your life?

“Some of the methods I use to calm the chaos is I just try to change my mindset. I do this by understanding that there are some things you can control and some things you can’t. I try to control

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3 Personal Stories
Recently, in my applied psychotherapy course, my professor gave us a piece of advice: Treat yourself the way you want to treat others because, quite often, we are not as kind to ourselves as we should be. This is true in many aspects, especially when
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Creating A Family Mission Statement
Divorce doesn’t have to be a war. In fact, a mindful and healthy divorce is possible. Parents who practice mindfulness during their divorce experience less fighting, lower stress, and more beneficial divorce agreements. Most importantly, a mindful ap
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Students, Social Media And Self-esteem
Q: I feel stressed out and anxious when things don’t go my way. I was supposed to go on the school field trip and then at the last minute I wasn’t able to go. I was angry, upset and frustrated and I couldn’t handle my emotions. What can I do to not f