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I’m carrying a little more weight than I used to. Should I be worried about diabetes? –SK

Well, that depends on what you mean by “a little” – but you’re right to be thinking about it. The latest statistics indicate that we

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Five Moves For Total-body Muscle
Set a timer, then perform the exercises in order. Do four one-minute intervals of each move, doing reps for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds. Focus on form, even if it costs you a few reps each interval. Get in plank position with your left fo
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The Health Snob’s Guide To Ancient Grains
The endless debate around carbohydrates can be tiresome: low carb or low fat? Vegan or paleo? The short answer is that, with the right ingredients, carbs can power all of your healthy ambitions. But knowing this doesn’t make yet another sweet potato
Men's Health Australia1 min de lecture
Kumail’s Body Blast
Curl the right DB toward your left shoulder, twisting the pinkie-side head of the DB up. Lower, then repeat on the other side; do 7 reps per side. Follow with 7 hammer curls (palms facing your torso). Finish with 7 standard curls (palms facing forwar