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Advertisements unashamedly proclaimed the rifle as far superior to those of American and continental manufacture

Sometimes when scanning the used rifle racks for a suitable subject for Blast from the Past, something a little unusual turns up. This month features just such a rifle, which at first glance may seem a bit of a museum piece but it is one that has been well-cared for and will still shoot straight. It also

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Implant Will Test Castration Option
Due to some behavioural issues I am considering having my three-year-old labrador castrated but I am worried what effect this may have on his working ability. Neil says: Castration of male dogs is ‘routinely’ carried out in the UK, with about 70% o
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Patrick’s Top Tips
• If you’ve a particularly elusive fox to deal with, park well away from the area and walk in from a different direction, and make sure that the wind is in your favour. • Foxes soon learn where danger lies, so it’s worth taking the time to check are
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Dummy Runs
How often should I go out with my dog and have a dummy throwing session? Fran says: Those who shoot over their dogs regularly are, in effect, training them every time they go out, so won’t need dummy work as much once the dog is trained. Those who