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Diving into deep learning

f you went to high school in the United States, you are familiar with the typical school day. Students sit at rows of desks, listening to the teacher lecture, perhaps coming up to the board to solve a problem, or meeting in small groups to fill out a worksheet. Considerable amounts of class time are spent preparing students for the high-stakes tests that dominate the college admissions process. Even at the top end of the achievement spectrum, students complain they have to stuff huge numbers of facts and theorems into their brains, only to forget them after the tests.

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A Brave New Workless World
How would you feel if you no longer had to work? Ecstatic? Empty? Relieved? Anxious? All of the above? Economists and other thinkers have long debated the function of work in shaping human identity. Sigmund Freud considered work “indispensable,” and
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution In Agriculture
Do all cows’ faces look the same to you? They don’t to systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Bovine facial recognition technology, developed through a strategic partnership between Cargill and an Irish technology company called Cainthus, e
strategy and business14 min de lectureLeadership
Leaders In Waiting
Jakarta, Indonesia, is a sprawling city of more than 30 million people. Like many other burgeoning capitals, it has a housing problem. Rents downtown are high, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of properties are unoccupied. This forces peop