The Field

Estate diversification without disturbing the peace

WHAT makes a good landlord-business-community relationship? Sharing the landscape with visitors but ensuring the occupants, locals and non-human residents remain happy. Private estates, with the shoot, farm and stables nicely contained, are terrific but an injection of cash from beyond the march-fence is essential for survival, particularly if there is a significant pile of bricks, mortar and a roof

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The Field1 min de lecture
Royal Oak Woodland To Be Restored
The Royal Oak that was once a hiding place for Charles II will be surrounded by trees following a replanting scheme undertaken by English Heritage. After defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651 the son of Charles I found refuge at Boscobel House, S
The Field4 min de lecture
The Not-so-rare Harrier
NEVER believe everything you read, as I was reminded earlier this year when I spotted an article on harriers in The Daily Telegraph, reporting the breed’s impending appearance at Crufts. Apparently a group of enthusiasts had “revived the British bree
The Field4 min de lecture
Virtual Consolation
I HAD drinks with two of my dearest mates last week. Nothing remarkable about that, you might say. Well, at the time of writing we’re still under the wretched coronavirus lockdown and my nights out were actually nights in, spent first with Mark Slim