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t was her personal struggle with weight (losing over 45kgs) that would ultimately pave the way to entrepreneurial success for Paayal Mahajan. Everything she tried, after shedding the excess, refused to work for her skin. That’s when she decided to spoke with Mahajan to discover her recipe for creating a brand that is authentic and ready for long-term growth.

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Harper's Bazaar India2 min de lecture
Through The Eyes
I was seven when I first encountered the word ‘beauty’. I was in the playground and my mother was talking to a friend. I couldn’t quite hear exactly what they were saying, and neither was I trying to, but a phrase carried by the wind caught my ear. “
Harper's Bazaar India3 min de lecture
A Mother’s Love
It’s a cool Bombay morning. The house is bustling with the sort of energy that houses with toddlers bustle with at the start of the day. I’m three years old and engaged in my usual morning shenanigans. Picking things up. Putting them down in inconven
Harper's Bazaar India4 min de lecture
A League of Her Own
Seriously, what is going on?” asks Kareena Kapoor Khan, incredulous. We’re talking about the ‘airport look’ phenomenon in the backseat of her car, where, dressed in track pants and a loose T-shirt, she seems utterly confounded by the concept. “Honest