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Harper's Bazaar India1 min de lecture
Blue Is The Warmest Colour
IT’S HARD TO FORGET MERYL STREEP’S CERULEAN SWEATER SPEECH from The Devil Wears Prada. Yes, it was an iconic moment in pop culture, but more than that, it spoke about the power of a single shade of blue. Colour communicates the mood of the times. And
Harper's Bazaar India1 min de lecture
How To Find Your Niche On Instagram
(@handdryers) “I felt like choosing a subject that is at once instantly recognisable and forgettable. Something everyone knows, but no one remembers. I’m always being told that people are now looking for them; they send them to me, which I love becau
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Centre Stage
An actor, singer, and director, the multi-talented Janina Gavankar is a woman of many avocations. Add die-hard gamer, tech-nerd, percussionist, and pianist. It is with this very resolve to diversify that the 39-year-old approaches new acting roles. S