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leep is my secret weapon in life, and I pride myself on achieving eight hours. Sleep repairs and restores the body, and nothing can replace it. Fatigue, like hunger or thirst, is a natural state, but destructive habits affect the quality of shut-eye throughout the night. Fortunately, getting enough sleep comes down to practicing healthy rituals,

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The Shining
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A League of Her Own
Seriously, what is going on?” asks Kareena Kapoor Khan, incredulous. We’re talking about the ‘airport look’ phenomenon in the backseat of her car, where, dressed in track pants and a loose T-shirt, she seems utterly confounded by the concept. “Honest
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A Mother’s Love
It’s a cool Bombay morning. The house is bustling with the sort of energy that houses with toddlers bustle with at the start of the day. I’m three years old and engaged in my usual morning shenanigans. Picking things up. Putting them down in inconven