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Retired Milwaukee firefighter Gregory Lee Renz attended the UW-Madison Writers’ Institute with an idea for a novel based on his work experience, taking first place in both fiction and nonfiction in the Institute’s 2015 writing contest. And then, after years of writing and revision, he sold his debut novel, Beneath the Flames (HenschelHAUS, 2019).

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The Writer1 min de lecture
READERS should use caution when entering into any legal contract with a literary service offering agenting-type assistance; publishers who charge, rather than pay, an author for publication; publishers who require a purchase before publication and co
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Romance Slam Jam Book Lovers’ Convention
Twenty-five years ago, Black romance authors started the Romance Slam Jam – an annual gathering for authors of color and the readers who love them. The five-day event attracts writers from a wide variety of marginalized communities. RSJ Chairperson B
The Writer2 min de lecturePsychology
Charting Joy
One of my favorite ways to deal with a problem is to bury it in the darkest corner of my mind and try to forget it exists. Hey, I didn’t say best. I said favorite. Because it’s certainly the coping strategy my mind reaches for first when presented wi