Plus de Edge

Edge3 min de lecture
This Month On Edge Epic’s tool for creating ‘digital humans’ is here, and while we can’t speak to how well it fits the stated goal of democratising character creation, an hour’s fiddling reveals it to be a fascinating toy at the very least. A cloud ap
Edge10 min de lecture
Resident Evil Village
Developer/publisher Capcom Format PC, PS4, PS5 (tested), Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series Release Out now You can tell a lot about someone from their hands. This is as true of videogame characters as anyone: what could be more Doom than Doomguy’s spiked
Edge1 min de lecture
Uneasy Allies
As the rare example of an overtly political game with big publisher backing, Watch Dogs: Legion benefits in terms of development resources and audience reach. But it’s not all positive. “With that reach there are also trade-offs,” Hocking says. “The