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Virtual Humanity
Epic Games is on the cusp of opening limited early access to MetaHuman Creator, a 3D character-creation tool which has the potential to transform the way character models are produced. The software can rapidly generate unique and extremely high-quali
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Signs Of The Sojourner
Format PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Developer/publisher Echodog Games Origin US Release 2020 As it takes friction to polish a gemstone, so even the most seemingly perfectly formed games only come to be so through months and years of iteration. Their con
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Splinter Cell:Conviction
Developer/publisher Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal) Format PC, OnLive, Xbox 360 Release 2010 Good hunters use the whole animal. That’s what we’re told apocryphally, at least – that the greatest tribute the killer can pay the beast, short of not killing it