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It’s here! Welcome to the revamped and refreshed . Our motto is super simple – we are all about the Here and the Now, bringing you homes and decor content that reflect the current zeitgeist. I’m so excited about our new look and feel, and haveas a viewfinder, or lens, through which this content is presented. It is in this way that we’ve brought you the best kitchens out there in this issue. From the modern cooking zone of fashion designers Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriël Du Toit on page 48 to the moody offering of interior designer Michele Throssell on page 56, these spaces show that the kitchen is a part of the home where you can flex your design muscle and introduce some seriously directional trends. Some of my best kitchen memories involve me making dinner with my son eagerly helping out, him sitting on the counter in our new house with its decrepit ’70s kitchen. Or me sitting at jewellers Eric and Geraldine’s ginormous grey island, watching Eric concoct one of his signature risottos while Geraldine complains about the sad state of affairs in the local design industry. Or in my friends Chris and Christiaan’s all-black kitchen at a bespoke Gregor Jenkin table surrounded by stacks of blooming orchids and an army of glass vases with greens from their garden. Or positioning myself at the breezy counter of my colleague Robyn’s Kommetjie kitchen prepping my new favourite dish, a simple mixed tomato salad with sherry vinegar, while discussing Li Edelkoort’s new trend direction. (BTW, brown is the new black). My wife introduced intuitive eating into our household the other day, following the philosophy that food should be normalised instead of becoming a point of reward or anxiety – which is all too difficult for someone like me, whose good and bad memories are all wrapped up around food. So it’s possible that our kitchen dynamic might change a fraction, into a space that’s less about the actual meals and more about socialising as a family. A kitchen is an area in which to gather, a space to discuss issues and fight them out, a place to skinner, to plan and strategise, all while food is being cooked – if only occasionally in my case. This Kitchen Issue celebrates all of that, but with a brand spanking new aesthetic. Send me your feedback – I would love to hear what you think of our new design and approach!

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