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Fast, flavourful and well-priced, Yoffi Falafel serves up chicken pitas, toasted sandwiches and (of course) falafel with all the trimmings. This eatery is always full, but service is quick, so you won’t have to wait long for your order. And because pitas don’t require cutlery to eat, this is a delightfully messy meal-on-the-go option too. Balmoral Building, Beach Rd, Muizenberg. 084-364-8466


A custom design shop merged with a sushi cafe might sound like an odd combination, but it works. Dubbed ‘a mayhem space’ with something for everybody, Sobeit Store has an assortment of decor and gifts, while Hong Kong Charlie offers top-notch sushi, dim sum and Origin Coffee. 51 Main Rd, Muizenberg.

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‘In putting a cheese spread together, variety is key – it’s always nice to have variations of sheep’s, cow’s and goat’s milk. Also, you’ll want some different textures: some soft, gooey cheeses plus some hard, aged cheeses. (The longer a cheese age
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Family Matters
On 1 April 2020, Wynand Wilsenach Architects, or W2 as they are known, celebrates 30 years in business — a testament to the strength of good design and the power of a well-run family business. Over the years, the firm has designed some of HL’s favour
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For the chimichurri:40g fresh coriander,stalks removed40g Italian parsley,stalks removed1/2 chilli, chopped2 garlic cloves, crushed2 T red-wine vinegar1/2 cup olive oil Blitz the first five ingredients in your food processor, and slowly add the oli