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There’s nothing simple about a lesson in Hindu cosmology. ‘There’s Brahma, the creator of the Universe, with his wife Saraswati,’ says our guide Charles, pointing to a candy coloured riot of gods and monsters gazing beatifically from Kapaleeshwarar Temple’s facade in Mylapore, old Chennai. He continues at length, describing the powers of the supergods, their animal chariots of choice and the names of their avatars and children. Some say there are 33 million Hindu gods; others 330 million. There’s a lot to remember and much that needs explaining, and the divine genealogy is only the half of it.

Though Tamil Nadu is a populous state approaching 80 million people, it feels distinctly different to the ‘golden triangle’ tourist circuit of northern India. In the capital Chennai, the traffic jams are more civilised, the touts fewer and less persistent, and the dress code sari-specific. ‘Tamil is the world’s oldest

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Shatavari, ashwagandha, tulsi and triphala. Chances are, these aren’t words you’ll find in everyone’s lexicon. They’re Ayurvedic herbs, used for the promotion of health and longevity, and ingredients that are commonplace in the Rhodes household. Adde
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Now Let’s Eat...
I guess that I’ll start this issue off with a confession of sorts: I’ve never been much of a foodie… (Say what?! The shock, horror, of outing myself in the Ed’s note of a food issue.) For those of you who know me, this won’t come as much of a surpris
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The Modular Kitchen
Modular elements like these USM Haller systems are a great way to create interesting, non-permanent storage that can be customised to your needs. Exposed storage shelves lend an industrial mood to this look. Purchase these from a hardware store and a