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The studio is unassuming. A rectangular facebrick space painted white, with a sweeping view of a garden that seems to go on for a country mile. As you’d expect, there are books lining the shelves and stacked on wide tables, along with the odd vintage press and elegant pieces of beautifully patterned paper. It doesn’t instantly feel like a place where magic has been happening for many years – but this used to be the

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House and Leisure2 min de lecture
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House and Leisure1 min de lecture
Dinner Date
TIP For a playful touch, set the scene with eye-catching glassware and tactile ceramics in colourful hues. TIP There’s nothing more alluring than a table adorned with dinner candles – play with candle holders in different materials, shapes and heig
House and Leisure2 min de lecture
Breaking Bread
My mom recently told me that her father, whom I never had the chance to meet, would go back to the kitchen every night after dinner and make himself a sandwich before bed. I’ve never felt more related to someone. I’d like to live my life having a sa