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It’s the Most Wonder ful Time of the Year

The holidays are squarely upon us, that’s for sure; but this isn’t the only reason why I think the traditional carol named in my headline above rings true. This is the most wonderful time are laser-focused on helping you make your dream of timber home ownership come true: It’s season!

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Timber Home Living2 min de lectureArchitecture
The Builders’ Side
Most timber framers will cut the frame, deliver it to your site and raise it. At this point, some will continue to finish the home’s construction, while others will turn the job over to a contractor. Is there any advantage to doing it one way or the
Timber Home Living3 min de lecture
Crowd Pleaser
Sue and Gary Potts didn’t have to look far to find the perfect spot for their waterfront getaway. They already owned a home on Ohio’s Apple Valley Lake when the empty lot next door went up for sale. “We originally bought it so that no one else would
Timber Home Living3 min de lecture
Pride Of Place
Everyone envisions his or her timber home on that perfect piece of property with that magnificent view. But beauty is only skin deep, and, when buying land, you’ll not only need to know what’s beneath the surface, but what it will take to access it.