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It’s the Most Wonder ful Time of the Year

The holidays are squarely upon us, that’s for sure; but this isn’t the only reason why I think the traditional carol named in my headline above rings true. This is the most wonderful time are laser-focused on helping you make your dream of timber home ownership come true: It’s season!

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Set The Stage For Success
I have a weakness for classic films. “Citizen Kane” … “To Kill a Mockingbird” … “Rear Window” — they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. It’s not typical that, while enjoying my guilty little pleasure, I’m reminded of my job, but recently that cha
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Location Location Location
1. You need to understand your site’s topography to plan your home right. A site map will explain the traits, benefits and challenges of your proposed building site. If the land is undeveloped, you may also need a topographical survey. Your township
Timber Home Living3 min de lectureBotany
Wood Species
Wood species vary in their color and characteristics (for example, knots versus clear-grain) and play a huge part in the way your timber home looks and lives. Ask each timber provider you’re considering for more information about the types of wood th