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On our watch

ne of the most difficult parts of visiting a new place is often the simplest: talking. Basic requests can turn into ridiculous games of charades; the

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Travel and Leisure Southeast Asia1 min de lecture
Wish You Were Here
THAT DAY, WE HIRED A TAXI GUIDE specifically to take us to Bagan’s most popular viewpoint. We hoped for a speedy ride so we could catch the sunset in time, but he must have been new because he was unfamiliar with the roads. I realized that we would n
Travel and Leisure Southeast Asia1 min de lecture
Cruise Lines
TOP 10 1. Quasar Expeditions 99.17 The staff members aboard this Galapágosbound line’s two ships—one for 16 passengers, the other for 32—coordinate activities like kayaking, while naturalists tee up unforgettable wildlife viewings. 2. Crystal Cruises
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The Outback On My Own
I’ve been driving for two hours before the dust hits. In a matter of seconds, the hard-blue cloudless skies have been washed sepia, and the wind has turned an angry gale-force, whooshing giant tumbleweeds around like dried-up asteroids. The only othe