In 1990, Lee Bae was a classic starving artist, a 34-year-old immigrant from South Korea working in a squat in a dodgy suburb of Paris. Lacking money for paint, he went to a service station and bought a bag of charcoal.

Sitting in his current Paris studio, a two-storey apartment overlooking the Canal de l’Ourcq, he recalls, ‘The first time I saw it, I thought: “Ah, I come from a place that knows all about black.” He explains that Koreans had been making ink sticks from the soot of pine trees since around 4000BC. Now, far from home, ‘It was

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Wallpaper3 min de lecture
The work of Thai architect Boonserm Premthada walks the tightrope between a sharp, contemporary aesthetic and an intensely site-specific outlook rooted in tradition. One of his newest projects, a home for both people and elephants in the Surin provin
Wallpaper1 min de lecture
Dining Experience
Designers shaped up to a changing landscape last year, outlining new ways to stay at home in style. In the dining room, geometric silhouettes were the order of the day, and our dream scene is set by Jean Nouvel’s elegantly monolithic ‘NVL’ table for
Wallpaper1 min de lecture
Best Looks
Models: Eva Varlamova at Kult London, Louis S at Tomorrow Is Another Day. Hair: Tosh using Bumble and Bumble. Make-up: Andjelka using NARS. Set design: Samuel Pidgen at Bryant Artists. Interiors: Olly Mason. Digi tech: Daniel Gurton. Photography assi