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No More Mid-tone Crisis!

as a watercolor instructor for many years, I’ve observed that some students fall too easily into what I call the dreaded “mid-tone crisis”: Once they’ve painted, a Japanese concept focused on the balance between light and dark—and because I’m a shape and value painter. I like drama and contrast and interesting shapes defined by values.

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Every picture tells a story, they say, and so it is when we see groups of figures in a painting. “Our curiosity is piqued in much the same way it is when we see a group of people gathered in real life,” says artist Steve Griggs (stevegriggswatercolor
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Flow Chart of Emotions IV is the latest iteration of Margolis’ color chart, used to standardize as well as encrypt her emotional experiences. Using a Pantone Color System, she assigns a reproducible color and identification code to each emotion—seen
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It’s best to paint tissues on a flat, plastic-covered surface. Don’t move the painted pieces until they’re dry, or they’ll fall apart. Watercolor collage is very forgiving. If you make a mistake while the paper is still damp with matte medium, you c