Wild West


n the wake of the Dec. 6–7, 1846, Battle of San Pasqual, demoralized Mexican troops dispersed into the countryside north of San Diego, California. Seated cross-legged around a fire at a Pauma rancheria some 40 miles northeast of town, one group of 11 disarmed and bound Californio lancers likely regarded their capture at the hands of the heretofore neutral Indians as somewhat of a folly, believing they would soon be freed. But as the flames rose, and the Paumas danced feverishly around the circle of prisoners, grinding the tips of their spears into the coals, the captives must have sensed their lives were in peril. Suddenly, the Indians culled one of

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Wild West4 min de lecture
Barker And Hughesville, Montana
The Barker Mining District was the only such district in Montana to have been discovered in one county, come to fruition in another and left two ghost towns in a third. It dates from 1879, when partners Patrick H. Hughes and Elias A. “Buck” Barker ve
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Some Daisey!
Nannita R.H. Daisey, popularly known as “Kentucky Daisey,” was arguably the most celebrated homesteader to have emerged from the April 22, 1889, land rush into the Unassigned Lands of Oklahoma. She gained a reputation as an energetic, adventurous spi
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A Stop In A Secluded Valley
The Little Snake Valley, one of Wyoming’s best-kept secrets, may be on the road to nowhere but is well worth a stop, in no small part because of the Little Snake River Museum, in Savery. American Indians, explorers, trappers, miners and cattlemen all