Wild West


1 Two in One: Billy was a bifurcated young man—a friendly, jovial companion to some but also a thief and killer.

2 Deadly Gunman: Billy killed four men by himself and several others with groups of shooters.

3 Right Fine Reader: Billy loved to read, especially newspapers, dime novels and sensational magazines.

4 Could Write, Too: Billy was a strong writer, as his letters to New Mexico Territorial Governor Lew Wallace attest.

5 Habla Español: Billy was bilingual and befriended many Hispanics.

6 Ladies’ Man: Women young and old reportedly were fond of Billy.

7 No Padre: Billy was essentially fatherless but seemed intent on searching for a father figure.

8 He Was Right…Handed, That Is: With apologies to Paul Newman (star of the 1958 film The Left Handed Gun), Billy was not left-handed.

9 Undocumented Childhood: Little is known about the first 14 of Billy’s 21 years.

While Billy was a folk hero to some, he was a villain to many. In present-day New Mexico

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