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Little is known about the early life of Charles Henry Ballard. Born in 1822 near Sterling, Massachusetts, he moved to the New England gunmaking hub of Worcester as a young man to apply his talents as a machinist and inventor. Ballard ultimately became a well-known master mechanic, patenting both a single-shot rifle and a single-shot derringer. On Nov. 5, 1861, the government issued him a patent for an “improvement in breechloading firearms,” specifically the block action at

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Other Corps Deaths
Here is what is known about other Corps of Discovery members: • John Collins (died 1823): Believed killed by Arikaras along the Missouri River (in present-day South Dakota). • Pierre Cruzatte (dates unknown): Thought to have been killed along the Mis
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From The Ground Up
The greatest period of immigration in the nation’s history was arguably in the latter half of the 19th century. While many of the Europeans who flooded to the United States during those decades settled on the Eastern seaboard, others ventured farther
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Hunting Buddies
Sharp-dressed mineralogist, entrepreneur and photographer Joseph Gonder Hiestand poses with his bespectacled, hatted hound in this circa 1910 self-portrait in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He has in hand a Mauser C96 carbine with its distinctive broom h