Wild West


In 1900 Jim Gatchell opened a Buffalo, Wyo., drugstore naturally named the Buffalo Pharmacy. It quickly became the town’s social hub, drawing settlers, cowboys, cattle barons, Army scouts and lawmen. Gatchell was not only a respected businessman but also a trusted friend to Northern Cheyennes and Lakotas then roving from the Bighorn Mountains to the Powder River Basin. Over the years Gatchell received from his Indian customers such gifts as warbonnets, bows and arrows, medicine bags and ceremonial clothing, while

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Rim Side With The Verkamps
In 1898, long before President Woodrow Wilson designated the Grand Canyon a national park in 1919, John George Verkamp was already at the rim selling American Indian curios. Most early tourists were wealthy, willing to foot the bill for a train to Wi
Wild West2 min de lecture
Some Daisey!
Nannita R.H. Daisey, popularly known as “Kentucky Daisey,” was arguably the most celebrated homesteader to have emerged from the April 22, 1889, land rush into the Unassigned Lands of Oklahoma. She gained a reputation as an energetic, adventurous spi
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Always Bigger In The Retelling
Kingston, New Mexico (population 32, according to the 2010 U.S. census), is a shadow of its former self. Once upon a time it was a busy place, an 1880s boomtown that went bust little more than a decade later. The town and its adjacent mines peaked ar