Woman's Weekly Living Series

Your well-being garden


Boost your vitamin G levels by connecting with green whenever you can.


✣ Plan your living areas so that

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Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min de lecture
Last year threw the importance of our healt h into the spotlight lik e never bef ore. We can’t pretend t o guess what 202 1 might bring but what we do know is t hat there’s plenty we can do ourselves to keep fit, healt hy and happ y. The brilliant ex
Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min de lectureMedical
Book A Check-up
‘Visit your dentist twice a year to keep on top of your oral health. If your teeth or gums aren’t very healthy, you may need to visit more often,’ advises Dr Safa. Can’t get to the clinic? The Tooth Fairy App connects you to professional dentists via
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min de lecture
HOW TO FIX Stressed Out Skin
Our skin barrier becomes less effective with high cortisol levels. Picture the barrier as a wall, made up of skin cells instead of bricks. Naturally occurring lipids like ceramides act as mortar to hold these bricks together, and when this mortar is