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Small Spaces BIG IDEAS

Even the tiniest space can become an intimate outdoor room for chilling out and relaxing. ‘Think outside the box, and bring the planting right up to the house, providing something to view and walk through year-round this introduces depth and perspective into a small space,’ advises Frederic Whyte, an award-winning garden designer.

Making the most of what’s there takes a combination of space-saving solutions and lovely planting with imaginative design that effortlessly blends furniture and features, plants, patios and pathways into a unified picture. ‘Think about your requirements, and keep it really simple,’ says Frederic.

People tend to create their gardens in one of two ways: some like to follow detailed scale plans, while others adopt a piecemeal approach.

Whatever the method, the best result comes from a thorough analysis of the plot, taking into account essential elements such as its dimensions, soil type, exposed spots and the amount of sun or shade within different areas. This information helps in choosing the most suitable plants. Next, make a list of how the garden will be used.

Now you are ready to start looking at ways to capitalise on the space available. In a limited growing area, every plant must earn its place,

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