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There are three distinct stages to the menopause. Fir st comes the peri-menopause – the run-up to periods stopping forever. This is when our oestr ogen levels start

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Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min de lecture
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The Enertor insole gives extra shock absorption, whether you’re walking or running, to help lower limb or foot injuries and aches. Endorsed by sprinter Usain Bolt and used by the NHS and British military, it can’t promise an Olympic performance, but
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min de lectureMedical
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Doctors are being urged to issue ‘green’ prescriptions instead of medication to improve health and ease pressure on the NHS. This means encouraging time outside, such as gardening, visiting beauty spots and outdoor exercise. Time spent in green space
Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
Frequent muscle cramps may be a sign that you’re low in magnesium. ‘It plays a role in over 300 metabolic processes, triggering a lot of important enzyme processes within the body,’ says Suzie. ‘It’s vital for proper nerve and muscle function, and he