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Your Body on Strength Training

hese days, more and more elite runners are realizing the benefits of being really strong. Regular strength training increases a runner’s capacity to withstand stress on every level: It builds stronger, more efficient muscles, improves running economy, and bulletproofs your

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5 Tips For Finding The Right Therapist (for You)
If you have insurance, start with your provider network. Find out if the number of sessions each year is limited and how an out-of-network therapist might affect your costs. Check online databases, which generate lists of counselors and specialists i
Women's Running2 min de lecture
Warm-up 2: Prep For Success
REGAIN MOBILITY (Foam roll out for muscle desensitization) ACTIVATION (pick 1-3 and do 12 reps) In a quarter squat, with a resistance band above your knees, step in one direction and then the other. With a resistance band above the knees, lay down wi
Women's Running3 min de lecture
Powering Through Menopause
Hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings. It’s enough for women experiencing symptoms of perimenopause to just make it through the day. But masters-aged women around the world are showing us why we should keep running right through our 40s, 50s, and 60s. P