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Your Body on Strength Training

hese days, more and more elite runners are realizing the benefits of being really strong. Regular strength training increases a runner’s capacity to withstand stress on every level: It builds stronger, more efficient muscles, improves running economy, and bulletproofs your

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Walk This Way
Set a brisk pace. It’s not power walking, but rather, a conversational-but-“have somewhere to be” pace. Walking between 2.5 and 4 miles per hour (or 24 and 15 minutes per mile) counts as moderateintensity activity, according to the Centers for Diseas
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Six Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience
1 BUILD CONNECTIONS. People who prioritize their relationships with those who are trustworthy, empathetic, and compassionate can get through hard situations more easily than those who are more isolated. Choose people who validate your feelings and ac
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One Mile At A Time
I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE CHICAGO MARATHON recently, which I ran back in 2017. Going into that race, I was far from 100 percent. I had been battling some injuries, and I knew my day would be a toss-up. The pain started at mile nine. But I didn’t stop.