World War II


“SING A SONG WHEN YOU’RE SAD.” “The Most Beautiful Time of Life.” For songs arranged by inmates and performed at a death camp, the upbeat titles are jarring.

Patricia Hall, a

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World War II3 min de lecture
Into The Darkness
IN SEPTEMBER 1984 I WAS A WIDE-EYED American student on my first trip to Europe, there to pursue my master’s degree at King’s College London. The Cold War was then at a renewed height, and many Europeans pointed fingers of blame at President Ronald R
World War II7 min de lecture
Trouble In Paradise
THESE MARINES had never been in combat. Their landing on little Tulagi island in the Solomons would begin the first American land offensive of World War II. Tulagi, 20 miles north of Guadalcanal in the shadow of the larger Florida Islands (now the Ng
World War II2 min de lecture
Untold Story
THIS IS A FRUSTRATING BOOK, at least from a historian’s point of view. On the positive side, Colonel Arthur Shaw, a member of the 96th Infantry Division who fought in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, shares his visceral memories with verve and pathos—just