Your Home and Garden


Hot, sunny, windy spots:

New Zealand flax, Poor Knights lily, Cycas revoluta, New Zealand and Australian grasses, succulents and sedums, pelargoniums, daisies, petunias, cordylines, bougainvillea, agaves, bromeliads and herbs such as chive, basil, mint and oregano.

Shady, sheltered locations:

Opt for Japanese maples, daphne, ferns, palms, azaleas, clivia, hostas and

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+ Choose pieces you love and don’t apologise. + Structural things generally cost more and are harder to change. + Be bold! I’ve had so many people say they wish they’d made bolder choices with their own houses after seeing ours. I know it’s not eve
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This month I’m…
Entranced by Michael Smither’s Diver, which is a limited edition of 82 screenprints. It’ll remind us just how good it’s been to dive and swim this past summer. $600 from New Zealand Fine Arts, Envious of Suzie of Slab Ceramics’ Handbui