The North Face have launched a new range of their Ultra Fastpack collection. This is the third generation in the series (since 2014) and hiking shoe and a mid-cut hiking boot.

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Wild11 min de lectureEarth Sciences
The Bluff to Mt Cobbler
There are great walks in valleys, through forests and along the coast. But nothing beats breathing in clear mountain air while hiking up and over wild peaks with unimpeded views—especially when there isn’t too much strenuous climbing involved. The te
Wild10 min de lecture
Where The Hell Is Cameron?
Dictionaries define “epic” in multiple ways. It could refer to a long narrative poem about a legendary hero. It could refer to something being of impressive size or scope. It could be slang, as in “Duuude, that was epic!” But in the outdoors sense, a
Wild8 min de lectureEarth Sciences
Rocking The Pilbara
The shivering did not encourage lingering. Here I was in a rock chamber polished by eons of wet weather scouring, a chamber of such beauty I could have sat and stared at its details for hours, stared at the variety of 3D patterns created by fine stra