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Most Kiwis serve their whites fridge-cold and their reds at room temperature, but there is another way!

Serving wine at non-optimal temperatures can negatively impact the complex flavours, with each variety

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min de lecture
Fall-down COMEDIAN
The other night in an underground city car park, I put on quite a show. Not the kind of show I’d just done in the comedy club up the road – that had gone far more to plan and involved very little slapstick. Also, that had been stand-up. This was enti
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Muffin MAGIC
Before you get baking, try these expert tips for perfect results every time. Muffins toughen if the mixture is over-mixed, so the less stirring, the lighter the finished texture. Use a fork or large metal spoon to cut the liquid through the dry ingr
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min de lecture
Over the TEACUPS
Our large Labrador sits in his favourite place, up against the glass back door, and when he feels hungry, he presses his nose on the pane and looks at me hopefully. The other day, I couldn’t bear the pleading look in his soft, brown eyes any longer,