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Four pathways to 'Future Ready' that pay off

Transformation is not easy but the companies who have reached “Future Ready” have significantly higher financial performance. Know about the different pathways companies take in their attempt to achieve breakthrough performance via digitally enabled business transformation.

Digital changes everything – even in the cement business. In an effort to help their customers succeed in a complex and uncertain environment, the global cement company CEMEX became the first in the building materials industry to develop a multi-device customer integration platform. CEMEX Go provides services to streamline customer interactions including ordering, tracking shipments, and payment providing information and transparency to improve operational control, decision making, and productivity. Launched just over a year ago, CEMEX Go adoption raced to 20,000 active customers across 18 countries – a testimony to CEMEX’s ability to innovate and the need for change on building sites.

Like CEMEX, many companies plan to achieve breakthrough performance via digitally enabled business transformation. We call this journey becoming “Future Ready”. Future Ready companies are ambidextrous: on the one hand, they significantly improve their customers’ experience relative to competitors and on the other hand relentlessly reduce cost and simplify their operations. These Future Ready companies are much more agile reusing modular capabilities, make their data a strategic asset, and more easily partner

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Adrian Furnham is Principal Behaviour Psychologist at Stamford Associates in London. He was Professor of Psychology at University College London 1981 to 2018, and now also Adjunct Professor of Management at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.
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Axelle Bagot teaches public leadership at Brown University. She is an organizational and political consultant, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her work focuses on leadership, social innovation and change management in a wide varie