If you surf, you’ll have noticed all the crap washing up on the beach, most of it plastic. And if you’ve been surfing for a long time, you’ll have noted that it’s getting worse, much worse. Surfers are on the frontline of the plastic pollution problem. It is, fundamentally, our issue. At the heart of this crisis, is the ‘design-flaw’ of single use plastic. Cheap, disposable packaging that serves a brief purpose and then remains in the environment for several thousand years. So while the race is on to find and implement bio-degradable alternatives and ban single use plastics, the big question remains what to do with all the plastic currently in the environment? Not to mention all the new plastic that will be produced until single use plastics are banned and the alternatives become viable.

Ripple dissolve to AfrikaBurn. Amongst the doef-doef of bass and the whirl

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Zigzag4 min de lecture
True Grit
In a 1972 issue of International Surfing Magazine, a feature about the state of surfing in South Africa focussed much of its attention on two young cousins from Durban, Shaun and Michael Tomson. Shaun, the article asserted, was probably the better su
Zigzag7 min de lecture
Conquistadors Of The Useless
3 QUESTIONS 1 DO YOU WANT TO SURF THE BEST WAVES OF YOUR LIFE? 2 CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? 3 ARE YOU ABLE TO MEET ME AT THE AIRPORT AT 6AM TOMORROW? What would you do if the same questions were pinged to you by a famous surf photographer on a Monday mor
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Following The Lines
This photo was taken at the wave that would later become known as The Snake. The area is home to a large fishing community, and for these fishermen, the daily struggle to feed their families is back-breaking. Crews of three to four men paddle hundred