The Art of Healing

Research Reveals Australia is One Big NIGGLE NATION

Blackmores is calling on all Australians to start listening to their bodies as they’re working harder than we know, with the latest consumer research revealing Australia is a niggle nation. Currently, 15 million Australians (79%) are experiencing some type of pain or niggle, whether this be a sore neck, stiff joint or cramping muscles. While a small discomfort may seem like nothing, these ongoing

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The Art of Healing2 min de lecturePsychology
Social Connection Boosts Fitness App Appeal
Apps alone don’t motivate most people to exercise but interacting with an online exercise community as well provides the impetus for exercisers to do more – and enjoy what they are doing. New research led by Flinders University PhD candidate Jasmine
The Art of Healing2 min de lecturePsychology
Practising Gratitude
To say that 2020 was a challenging year for most of us is a profound understatement. While it’s easy to fall into quiet despair, there has never been a better time to cultivate positive mental health habits, one of them being gratitude. Paradoxicall
The Art of Healing1 min de lecture
The fields are fair in autumn yet, and the sun’s still shining there, But we bow our heads and we brood and fret, because of the masks we wear; Or we nod and smile the social while, and we say we’re doing well, But we break our hearts, oh, we break o