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D– Makiko Ryujin

P – Makiko Ryujin

The Japanese philosophy kowan ni shitagau is the guiding principle of this project. Kowan explores the lived and aesthetic of kowan ni shitagau, a philosophy tied to the idea

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(inside) interior design review1 min de lecture
Lessons Learned
01 The inspiration behind Hazel was a great soundtrack and the ’70s goddess muse represented by Joseph Wallace King’s painting in the stairwell. 02 In a scene of over-designed restaurants, it was imperative for The Stella Collective to create an inte
(inside) interior design review4 min de lecture
Home Sweet Homestead
Georgian mansion houses have been part of the Tasmanian landscape for the last 200 years, often standing, sentry-like, overlooking land adapted for livestock and cropping. Their cliff-like walls, small paned windows and narrow eves lend them a clean
(inside) interior design review4 min de lecturePsychology
Connecting Worlds
Like of us SJB director Tristan many , Wong and Jefa Greenaway of Greenaway Architects had high hopes for 2020. The have started with Australia racked year may by devastating bushfires, but the promise of creative healing lay ahead. Selected by the A