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Simply perfect

As restaurants go they don’t come better than The French Laundry. Opened in 1994 with chef Thomas Keller at the helm, this iconic venue is a must-visit experience for anyone seriously interested in fine food and wine. With three Michelin stars to its name, this restaurant is certainly performing; however, after many years the interior, service and utility areas were in need of updating and expansion to support staff and enhance the guest experience.

With such a project it was

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Last Word
Known to most as Brem, designer Brahman Perera is inspired by travel, fashion and art, and seeks to work with clients’ most treasured pieces to create designs that are unique and bespoke. Could you give us a quick introduction? After finishing scho
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Barefoot In The Pavilion
The layered materiality of The Pavilion is best felt underfoot. Designed by Adelaide-based studio Georgie Shepherd Interior Design (GSiD), The Pavilion is the second entertaining space for a family of six. The space marked stage two of Shepherd’s rel
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Lessons Learned
01 The inspiration for this East Melbourne home was centred on what owner Shaun Rust saw on trips to Japan. 02 The original terrace was designed by Melbourne architect William Pitt in the 19th century. 03 The Heritage-listed Victorian terrace house e