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When I quit the drink, I turned to Half Ironman Training to give me something else to focus on. Essentially, I replaced one addiction with another initially, but it did the job. However, I still remember the first Charles Poliquin nutrition conference I ever went to where he called me out for it. In his mind, running was not conducive to being strong — and his first question to me was, “So, what are you running

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MAXIM New Zealand3 min de lectureAutomotive
With the world seemingly getting crazier every day, some city folk are running to the hills — both figuratively and literally — boosting the market for truly robust, burly off-road vehicles. Arguably topping the leaderboard runs the Brabus 800 Advent
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Tempus Fusion
Hublot, founded in Switzerland exactly 40 years ago, has grown into one of the world’s most recognisable luxury watch brands, as much a symbol of wealth and achievement as it is of highly innovative watchmaking. Early on the brand, part of the LVMH p
MAXIM New Zealand1 min de lectureMedical
Escalated Density Training (EDT)
Originally innovated by Charles Stanley, EDT is one of the best ways to fit more work into less time and is disarmingly simple to set up. Sets and reps do not matter – the ONLY thing that matters is total workload performed within the given timeframe