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HAVE A spellbinding NEW YEAR

Many ancient cultures saw the new year as an opportunity to journey through a gateway into something fresh, but to do so meant a kind of leap of faith, both literally and figuratively.

The Romans, for example, took this idea literally, creating new year’s doorways dedicated to the Goddess Jana and the God Janus, where people jumped through from one side to the other to signify

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Dear That’s Life!
I saw my daughter last week for the first time in months. I know many of us have probably put on a few kilos during all the COVID restrictions, but my daughter has put on a huge amount of weight. She has struggled with her size since childhood and
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FIND YOUR Inner Peace
In order to create a peaceful, mood, choose a relaxing, scented candle that inspires a feeling of calm within. Light it and place it safely in a central location in the room. Before you can find inner peace, it helps to take a pen and piece of pape
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THE Buzz
Hair ties seem to be that one accessory that always go missing, even though you buy them in bulk. However, one Queensland dog owner found a whole stash of them in quite an odd place. Surgeons at a vet’s practice in Highfields had to remove 31 hair ti