The Shed

Nichol’s Blacksmith Shop, Duntroon

Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop is the only easily accessible and authentic village blacksmith in New Zealand. It is located in the middle of Duntroon township on State

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The Shed3 min de lecture
Seize The Day And Train For Free
Perhaps there is something you’ve always had a hankering to do but the cost of retraining or full-time study was too high, or perhaps you know school leavers or someone who needs to find a new career as a result of Covid impacts — if so, then read on
The Shed9 min de lecture
Mastering The Lathe
A lathe is a machine for producing round shafts. It has been an essential tool since the wheel was first thought of. The lathe was one of the first machine tools invented and dates back to 1300BC when Egyptians used a two-man lathe. Just as important
The Shed1 min de lecture
How Yağmur Makes A Knife Sheath
One of the tools I bought in Japan — see The Shed, Issue No. 89 — was a hand-forged marking knife. I use it, or a Stanley replaceable-blade pocket knife, when I want to increase my chances of accurately sawing or chiselling when making something in w