The value of hotel design

Whether it’s that our expectations of hotels have shifted or that the likes of Airbnb have altered the accommodation landscape, it seems that hotels have really upped the ante in recent years. A quick Google search for “boutique hotels Melbourne” will unveil a raft of possibilities, including luxurious rooftop glamping. Interestingly, it is not just the smaller boutique hotels that are

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From The Jury
Like many things this year, the judging for the 2020 Eat Drink Design Awards happened at home. The five-member jury met virtually in mid-August for a nine-hour deliberation from the comfort of our kitchen tables. Despite the digital distance, the deb
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Guy Keulemans
We rarely repair and reuse objects these days, choosing instead to replace them with new and “better” versions. The significance of objects and the craft of repair have consequently lost their value in today’s world. Sydney-based designer, artist and