The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters


“The truth, and only the truth, is often boring.”

he allure of a good, old fashioned gunfight, and the winning of the beautiful damsel as the sun sinks slowly in the west, has been exciting and romantic to movie-goers since “talkies” hit the silver screen in 1927. Although the first talking motion picture wasn’t a western, it didn’t take

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters7 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Buyer’s Guide For Predator Calls
Predators will be on the run—to you and not from you—with the latest technology from a number of manufacturers. The world’s first ultrasonic electronic predator caller, delayed from its launch last year, should be ready for purchase and will be a gam
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters4 min de lecture
Hunting Trends: Some Up, Some Down
During the past 45 years, generational gaps have been filled, Texas Trophy Hunters has evolved, and hunting has dramatically changed. Deer hunters have seen the big changes, mostly to the advantage of the hunter. No more campfires, sleeping bags, boa
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters5 min de lecture
What Happened To The HUNT?
“You hunted in a tree? Sitting on the ground?” 16-year-old Kyle asked. “What are cow pens and pump houses? How could you hunt seeing only one direction?” Sitting in a comfortable 10x10 elevated stand scanning 100 acres 360 degrees, Kyle acted incredu