The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

Firearm Accuracy Enhancement

ith many, many years under his belt managing a rifle range and after spending hours of trigger time with his own firearms, Wes Reed had developed a simple philosophy about how much practice was necessary. “I want to be so familiar with my rifle that if I miss (a very, very rare occurrence, by the way) I want to be certain it was my fault and not the rifle’s fault,” he

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters4 min de lecture
Rigging Your Bass Lure
There’s a vast difference between “fishing” and “catching.” That statement is especially true for bass anglers. Even if you’ve got the time and money to put in the days needed to truly get on a pattern, fishing (really searching) typically is done a
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters6 min de lecture
Wildlife For All
North America is a mecca for wildlife, ranging from the wilds of Alaska, through Canada, the United States and south to arid Mexico. A variety of habitats provides the requirements of a large range of big game, small game and avian species hunted by
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters1 min de lecture
Waterfowl Hunting Safety Checklist
Duck and goose hunting bring inherent dangers that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are safety aspects to consider during winter hunts, especially on larger bodies of water: ✔ Always make plans with your family and friends. Never go hunting without tell