Annie’s Annuals

“WHERE DID YOU get that?” I query. “Annie’s Annuals,” I am told. How many times have I heard the same response? And the likelihood of that answer seems to increase with the desirability of the plant in question.

From its rather amorphous start in the early ’90s, Annie’s Annuals has become known—and treasured—by keen gardeners across North America. The loyalty to the nursery comes as

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Editor’s Note
What better activity is there this winter than to hunker down at home and plan 2021’s garden additions and changes? Horticulture is here to help. This issue includes our annual feature on award-winning plants (“The Best of the Bunch,” page 26). It’s
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EACH YEAR I LIKE to write a couple of articles in which I share what I have recently observed or learned about gardening techniques or various plants. Sometimes this also brings to mind useful things that I once knew but I forgot. There is an apparen
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Floor It
Large houseplants have become the pièce de résistance of many interior-decorating schemes, and with good reason. Having a large floor plant in your home brings nature indoors in a way that a smaller plant or collection of plants can’t quite do. And w