Compact living, big ideas

in the 1980s and ’90s, when space was never an issue. Okay, my siblings and I did fight over territory within our shared bedrooms but only before fleeing the confines of the house for the big backyard beyond. When I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the late 2000s, I realised just how little living space I actually need. That said, a reduced residential footprint requires a different mentality. Kiwis are much too accustomed to the notion of large, empty spaces. Every time I return to New Zealand, the next person is discussing their plans for ‘building on’. But, as the Auckland housing crisis continues and New Zealand’s

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Urbis3 min de lecture
New Zealand-born Dean Cornish is a director, producer and writer based in Los Angeles. When not working in exotic destinations, he can be found tinkering with gadgets, taking photographs or roaming the Hollywood Hills with his small, scruffy dog. Wha
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Evi’s Favourite Things
My monstera deliciosa plant called Don Draper lives up to his name. He’s sensitive but handsome. Two early studies from the Cream and Double Cream exhibitions – where it all started. It’s hard to find a well-made, minimal-looking bed at an affordable
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Courtney’s Favourite Things
I have been awarded the brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It ties with my current job as the achievement I’ve worked hardest for and am most proud of. My very, very beat-up coffee grinder is held together with packing tape (waste not want not, right