this home that turns its back to the hum of traffic and its face to the sparkle of the Waitematā: a pavilion in the trees; an ornamented container for living; a generational jewel for the future. But the best way to understand it is to make the journey down the stairs from the curve of the driveway to the discreet front door, to rest your hand on the cool slab of bronze that is its handle, to pivot it open, and to stay silent but attentive as you wander through each room and take in the many hand-hewn elements that make this place as much art as architecture.

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Urbis3 min de lecture
Across The Dividing Sea
There aren’t too many prominent art-world figures from either Australia or New Zealand with the type of credibility that Sally Dan-Cuthbert has. The independent Sydney-based art advisor has been working with a handful of private and corporate clients
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Many of the conversations we have with architects and designers often lead to discussions about influences and inspirations that, most of the time, have little to do with the world of design itself. Visual arts, music, dance, literature and the like
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Maximalist Empire
Moving cities or starting a business: these are two pretty major events in anyone’s life. But how about doing both in very close succession? Such was the case for Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, who co-founded New York City-based design studio