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Shifting sands

your usual fitness routine involves lots of running, walking or other cardio, you might think you’re doing all you can to keep your body looking and feeling its best. But if you’re interested in toning up, boosting your metabolism, improving your balance, keeping your brain active, and a whole host of other anti-ageing benefits, we’ve got one word for you – sandbells. If

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Look Out For:
(a mole that is not even in shape, contours and colouring). (irregular, jagged borders). (such as brown, red, white or black). (greater than 6mm). (a mole that rapidly changes in shape, size, thickness or colour). ■
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Autumn Checklist
Autumn is here, and there’s no better time than the present to update your skincare arsenal with the latest and greatest in buzz-worthy ingredients. Supercharge your skin before the cooler months hit! If you’re not familiar with moringa oil, that’s a
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Fertile Ground
Understanding our fertility can be a confusing and unpredictable journey. We are told repeatedly as young women about the importance of using contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy as if it is something that happens easily, but when it is finally