Cottage Life

Visitation Rites

“I’M INVITED TO MY FRIEND’S COTTAGE EVERY SUMMER, and she always says, ‘Please don’t bring anything.’ So I don’t—because she said not to. But I’m starting to think that this actually makes me a jerk. Is it ever truly acceptable to bring nothing for the host? What’s worse, bringing nothing, bringing too much, or bringing the wrong thing?”

Unfortunately, you are not the first victim to have been trapped by the cottage guest Catch-22, where the specific instructions of a host must be carefully obeyed while simultaneously being ignored. It’s one of cottage country’s oddest

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Yes, it happened. Suddenly there’s a new baby in the family. There’s a new granny too, and it’s not my mother. I won’t ask, how could this happen? We all know how it happened. What preoccupies this granny is what happens next, especially at the cotta